Climate Line x Friday Group

We all know this: we are currently in the midst of a climate crisis. We all know that governments have known about climate change and the consequences of not reducing our GHG emissions for a very long time, at least since 1990! We also know that political commitments have failed to reach the required levels of emission reduction to ensure that global temperatures remain under 1.5C and respect human rights. 

But there are things that we might not know as well. Since 1990, many things have happened. We have passed climate laws in some regions, we have established the National Climate Commission, we have submitted our first National Energy and Climate Plan and we are about to set up the first Belgian centre of excellence for Climate.

Many of those initiatives are falling short of climate ambitions. But they are a start and we can build on this.


With this timeline, The Friday Group’s aims to:

  1. help Belgian citizens, whether they are journalists, policy-makers, climate activists or simply interested in the future of our planet to understand the history of climate agreements at the international, European, Belgian and regional levels
  2. highlight how scientific reports provided the basis for political pledges so far, and
  3. set our political commitments out against our actual ‘non-ETS’ emissions data at a Belgian level.


Those different sets of information are not usually available all in one place, or lack a structured overview. And we think they should. 

Comes in the Climate Line: by better understanding historical and international contexts, we are confident that Belgian citizens, whether they are active in the public or private spheres, can help shape future climate agreements and advocate for better climate action to achieve our Paris Accord objectives.

Our Climate Line also includes nuggets of recommendations for a better climate governance in Belgium. Food for thoughts for our political leaders.


“As for the future, it is not about predicting it, but about making it possible.”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry (Citadelle, 1948), “IPCC Report 1.5°C Global Warming”


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